ANITA WAGNER, PROGRAM DIRECTOR CALIFORNIA VOCATIONS - "Music is such an integral part of our daily lives. Erin has made a major impact on our individuals through our sessions. Each person is learning to be focused, to follow directions using both verbal and visual cues, to understand the concepts of volume control and to enhance their communication while participating in an activity they enjoy. The sessions have great variety and are well loved. After the Camp Fire, it was the first structured activity that we were able to offer. Erin facilitated this by finding a free practice space and accommodating a larger number of individuals. It was the beginning of the healing process for all of us and we can not thank her enough."
KENYAN L. MARTIN, Ph.D., SLPD, CCC-SLP CLINIC DIRECTOR AND INTERNSHIP COORDINATOR, CSU CHICO - "I have had the privilege of collaborating with Erin over the past few years in the treatment of individuals with communication impairments. Erin and her interns are truly gifted at delivering music therapy that is meaningful, collaborative, and therapeutic. Including music therapy with speech-language pathology services has been enriching and engaging for all involved. I highly recommend Erin and her team."
PEGGY DROBNY, SPECIAL EDUCATOR/CAREGIVER - "I work with one on one with a young boy after school. Erin incorporated her session to help meet goals that his parents have set for him, such as reaching and stretching his arms and legs, using eye contact and having recipricle engagements with others. She is incredibly knowlegable and teaches me, too. She has provided me with ideas and tools that have helped me engage J more successfully at home."

It's an amazing gift to have the understanding how to help and teach children through music. There is more to music therapy than many of us in the field of special education can begin to understand. Music can help children on the spectrum connect with others, learn, and add to their quality of life."