Neurologic Music Therapy

Neurologic music therapy (NMT) uses standardized techniques to improve functioning following neurological trauma or disease. This can include individuals who have had a stroke or other traumatic brain injury, Parkinsons disease, and Autism. Individuals experiencing disruptions in their ability to communicate (receptive and expressive), initiate and control motor movements, and memory benefit from these researched and proven methods. The World Federation of Neurorehabilitation (WFNR), the European Federation of Neurorehabilitation Societies (EFNS), and the Society for Clinical Neuromusicology (CNM) have all officially endorsed NMT training for neurological rehabilitation.

Neurologic music therapy can be reimbursed by some insurance agencies as well.

NMT is appropriate for these and other diagnoses:


Parkinson’s disease


Traumatic Brain Injury

Memory loss