Initial Assessment                                                                                                                     


Individual Music Therapy


Private Group Sessions:


Music Therapy Social Skills Group                                                                               


An open group music therapy session available for drop ins. Your first class is FREE. Siblings can participate for $10 a session. Click here to view the schedule. 

Music Therapy Assisted Childbirth      

Varies. Contact

Family Sessions:

Available upon request, private group sessions may be scheduled for several members of a family to participate in music therapy together.

IEP/IDT Meeting:


This includes the $25 report/documentation fee.

Documentation/Report Fees:

$25/hour Reports for IEP/IDT meetings, doctors, insurance companies, etc. are available by request.

Initial assessments, individual music therapy sessions, and private small group sessions can be scheduled by calling 530.228.3483 or e-mailing

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