The Music Therapy Impact Fund is a grant program with The North Valley Community Foundation. The MTIF implements music therapy programs and provides individual music therapy services in Butte County.

There are currently two ongoing music therapy programs funded by the MTIF:

Hospice Music Therapy and The North State Therapy Choir.

Hospice Music Therapy

The Hospice Music Therapy Program is in its 7th year of providing services to hospice and palliative care patients in Chico, Oroville, Orland, Hamilton City, and Paradise. Although anyone can request hospice music therapy services through the Fund, we also have a strong collaboration with Butte Home Health and Hospice to provide hospice music therapy to our patients/clients.

North State Therapy Choir

Led by Board Certified Music Therapists, this choir for individuals with Parkinson's Disease, their families and/or caregivers uses neurologic music therapy techniques to address Parkinsonism.We've been award grants from the Parkinson's Foundation for three years to keep our choir FREE to its participants!

Check out our incredible 2022 Fundraiser, The Chico Community Lip Sync Challenge!

Spoiler Alert - The North State Therapy Choir was a big winner!

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Previous programs funded by the MTIF:

Following the Camp Fire the Music Therapy Impact Fund provided group and individual music therapy to kids, teens, and adults who were affected by the fire. In addition to those directly affected, groups were also facilitated for organizations that supported the community.


Link to the MTIF page on North Valley Community Foundation.