About Haley Music Therapy

The vision of Haley Music Therapy is to be the premier music therapy provider to Northern California. Our core values are present in every aspect of attaining our vision:

  1. Integrity – To maintain a standard of high quality music therapy
  2. Ethics – To follow and model ethical behavior personally and professionally
  3. Commitment – To provide client-centered, evidence-based interactions/interventions
  4. Joyful Employment – To provide client-centered, evidence-based interactions and interventions
  5. Community – To collaborate and create with our community
  6. Communication –To be diligent and timely in communicating as a workplace team

We work with our clients to create the most effective therapeutic situation for each individual. Sessions are scheduled based on therapist assessment of client need. Suggested number of sessions per month and duration of these sessions are determined by therapist recommendation and by the availability of both the client and therapist.

Music Therapy Session Rates

Rates for music therapy include direct client sessions, preparation, and documentation. A minimum of one annual report will be provided with updates on progress and experience. Additional reports will be provided as applicable. If requested, our therapists make every attempt to attend relevant meetings (IEP, Quarterly Meetings, etc.) to provide feedback on our work with our clients as it relates to their overall quality of life. We also encourage collaboration between providers and care team members. With permission, we will share and communicate appropriate information with care team members to ensure that the best all-around care is provided.

For clients receiving support from Far Northern Regional Center, music therapy can be reimbursed through the Self-Determination Act. Information about the SDA can be provided by your FNRC service coordinator.

Financial support may be available. Please contact Haley Music Therapy for more information.

Standard Client Rates

Individual Sessions – 30 minutes @ $75.00

Individual Sessions – 45 minutes @ $125.00

Group Sessions – 45 minutes @ $150.00

Travel Time Rates for Services Outside of Chico

Within 30 minutes– $50.00

30 minutes to 1 hour – $100.00

60 minutes or greater – by special arrangement only